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Enthu peyar Muthu vayathu 24, naan oru naal veli urruku sendru irunthen angu enathu athai veedu irunthathu.Salem maavatatil athai veedu irunthathu ang... naan sendru irunthen oru kalyaana vellaiyaaga enathu mama virku thirumanam seivathaaga mudivi seithu irunthaargal. Appozhuthu ennai oru Xerox kadaiku sendru pathirikai vaangi vara sonnargal.Naan angu sendren athan kadai uuruku othuku puramaaga irunthathu athil oru azhagana aunty irunthaargal avargalin mulaigal perithaaga irunthathu muthalil naan. He crouched beside me and rolled me onto my back, then using his finger, he removed the few leaves from my mouth and returned them to a pouch hanging from his neck.He pushed my golden hair aside and studied my eyes, his fingers tracing along my slender neck to my exposed breasts. He smiled then slowly lifted me up and holding me high overhead, he pushed me back onto the grass of the plain. I could hear movement beside me as he climbed from the hole and again hoisted me to his broad shoulder. In. She was randy in bed and often sucked me or made me suck her pussy but it was never enough to make me cum - though she always squirted all over my face and chest. We had made out in public and at least a couple of times she sucked me in the elevator. But what mom was asking for was far too risky. I didn't know if Jenny even wanted a threesome, let alone with my own mother in the mix!But the die had been cast. Mom took the shower and put on light makeup. After dinner when Jenny wanted to go. If my suspicions are correct, yours is an anomalous birth. Sometimes, eggs manifest from abnormal concentrations of world energy. It’s quite rare. Maybe that is what I felt before” she pondered out loud.That still doesn’t explain my memories.“Why can I understand and speak your language?” Blaze asked.“All newborn angels hatch with ancestral memories, child. You have a basic understanding of the world ingrained into your brain. Yours, however, maybe a little muddled because of your… anomalous.

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