Was the restaurant okay? Did I get a good table? Was my tie straight? I was as nervous as a teenager on prom night. Our server arrived and asked if we...wanted something from the bar to start. I said, “ no…. just a bottle of sparkling water…to cleanse our pallets and allow us to enjoy the entire evening”. You said nothing…. and just nodded. You face was a perfect mask, your beauty shining out, but no hint as to your thoughts and plans. We started to examine the menu. The appetizers looked. That was my plan. Jill and Carol, cum still dripping from their faces, locked lips and carried on, even as I lay on the bed still shaking from an intense orgasm. The two fell next to me, and I shifted to one side to give them room. Jill was the aggressor, partly on top of Carol and pushing her tongue into Carol’s mouth. Carol, interestingly, had assumed a more passive roll, enjoying Jill’s attention. I ran my fingers up and down Carol’s inner thighs. Jill was not only fucking Carol’s mouth with. . and that holds us back... don't stop soon we'll kill ourselves..."Diane looked into Dr. Curtis' pleading eyes and tried to put it together. She looked over at Jesse who was still frantically trying to get Rick's soft cock into her dripping wet pussy. Dr. Curtis was on the floor frantically masturbating, unable to orgasm. Col. Brewer stayed where he was, his cock still hard, but he had obviously cum numerous times."Synaptic loop..." Curtis moaned. "Check the scope..."Of course! Diane checked. Ripping her clothes off Rashala climbed on the bed and commenced to kiss Trully. Jake could only stare; the scene was driving him crazy as the two females shared a deep passionate kiss. Finally Jake felt his release surging forward filling Trully, who started to scream as her own release washed over her, kissing Jake, she whispered a thank you and closed her eyes. Rashala helped Jake move Trully as gently as they could then she laid back and beckoned Jake to her. Kissing her he began to go.

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