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11 o’ clock. I was lying on the sofa watching TV. Inconspicuously, Priya came to Hall, standing back of the sofa, she claimed her presence with a si...h.” Sorry!”, she exclaimed with her baby like innocence. I ignored.“I said sorry!”, this time she was a bit louder.“I heard you the first time! Go back to sleep!”, I said with apathy.She did not say a word. She kept standing. I felt bad. I bolted up, and said sit! I went to fridge and brought the Ice-Bag.“Where?”, I asked with empathy. She looked. The girls faces became shocked when I said this. I spoke Mandarin which was a Chinese language, and this confused them into thinking I was Chinese as well. The younger girl began to cry on the older woman's shoulder. "Listen, please, I don't want to hurt you. I just need something valuable and I'll leave." The girls were weeping when I said this. The older woman showed me her left hand which only had a ring on her finger. She took the ring out and handed it to me without saying anything. They. Lisa looked great she wore a black silky blouse with short sleeves and a tanskirt that had a small slit in the side. We talked about simple our familiesand she opened up to me about he abusive father. He was emotionally abusiveto her but she said he never touched her but called her names and yelledconstantly.I went to the restroom to check on things. I looked at the mirror and triedto see if I had a cancer sore but there was none but my face looked slightlydifferent my cheeks looks higher and. The off the shoulder style along with the scooped neck showed off the bronzed skin of Maria's ample cleavage. At the waist, wrapped several times, was a bright red sash nearly a foot in width. Her skirt was also a peasant style, flowing and the length nearly to the ankle."Do you two know each other? Rhonda asked."Oh Mrs. Anderson and I have a bit of a history, don't we Barbara?"Barbara thought for a moment about a reply and settled on careful diplomacy "We'd just like our drinks please." But of.

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