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My wife was having little seizures, which she had never seen before. Later, she calmed down, took a deep breath giving me a kiss and telling me she lo...ed me. We fell asleep while holding each other.The next morning, we woke up to go to work, and while we were in the bathroom I told her how incredibly beautiful and sexy she had been the night before. She told me that it had been her friend Eva's idea and that the clothes she was wearing were from her store.I told her that I wouldn't mind if she. .She called me next moment, she spoke like whispering “I’ll be near smart shoppers by 12 on my scooty be there, arrange food too. bye”Oh shit man, ran to bathroom, shaved, cleaned armpits and ballsack, showered, and ordered food. I dressed in black T shirt and denim jeans. Went near Smart shoppers on my Yamaha FZ. She came in another ten minutes. She saw me, so I started riding slowly and made sure she follows. Once inside thegate I told her to get inside the room fast.She did exactly, I kept. "Suck me real hard. Suck me just as hard as you can. Bite me too. I love it when you bite me. I really do. Bite me harder. As hard as you can."Phil did everything she wanted him to, and more. He was going after her cunt now, and he was pulling her blue jeans and panties down so he could get after her. Once he had them down to her knees he got his head right down between her legs, and he began to suck on her cuntlips.He began to rub his tongue back and forth on her clit, and then he got his. " If I'm going to keep it on, I might as well be naked under it. Would you like THAT?" You wouldn't be the first to do that there." Ohhhh, so there's a chance we'll see some other nips escape their bonds! Hmm, I guess that makes ME a voyeur then. I can deal with that. The anticipation is making me a little moist already! Let's go!"During the twenty minute drive there, she teased me with glimpses of her tanned, bare legs nearly to her moist pussy. She continued bouncing her knees apart for me,.

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