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I knew I needed to do it but the reality of having my tongue cut out was difficult to accept. Was I pissed at Chester for doing it without telling me?...I thought about that as he was coming to the room. It was a lot less stressful than worrying about it."Hello Willy," Chester said as he entered the room.I nodded at him."Are you all right?"I lifted my hand and made the Okay sign."Would you like to use the facilities?"I was sure I wanted to do that so I nodded my head fast enough that my head hurt. Shortly after turning fifty-five, I was in a restroom at O’Hare airport in Chicago. Upon completion of a very satisfying jerk off, I was leaving the stall when I was accosted by a very tall man and forced back into the stall.Once back inside with the door closed, he said, “Now Mister Jerk off, time for you to suck my cock.”“Wait a minute here, I’m not a cocksucker,” I replied.“Maybe not till now, which I doubt, but you are going to suck my cock,” he said.He placed his hands on my head forcing. Hell, the man was generally conceded to be an idiot, and the only reason that he was elected was that nobody else wanted such a thankless job. He barely ever got more than 10% of his ward's vote, but he won anyway because he was unopposed.Well, I found out that there was no age limit, low or high, for ward councilors, so I talked to Dad and Mom, and decided to run. My biggest problem was going to be convincing people that I was serious about the job of councilor. I did have an opponent, but he. You weren't supposed to use that trick on me. I'll get even with you! I promise I will." Bob couldn't hear a sound. Her thighs were covering his ears so all sound was muffled. She was nearly on her shoulders, and, with his weight on her, she could barely move. His tongue went in as far as he was able, and he was giving her the best "tongue lashing" he could deliver. Her squeals soon turned to moans, and her cries turned into whimpers. "YES!!! OH, YES!!! THAT'S SO GOOD!!! I LOVE WHEN YOU DO ME.

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