After we'd finished our introductions to the youngsters I took the saw and removed all the low limbs from the tree, making it a serviceable snubbing p...st. By the time I was done the girls had finished the double strength halter I'd ordered and I was amazed at their progress.It took about a half hour to get it on the stallion and the plaiting finished to keep it on him. Since we didn't have anything like a buckle, we just finished it to him.We still had at least two hours before sunset so I. I drove home without Osborn. I was surprised how quickly I had gotten used to her company. Back in the room I drank coffee and looked at the bay view. I was treated to the sight of the lights on the fishing and tug boats as they came in. I was thoroughly loving the view. I began thinking I should have bought the bates motel here rather than the barge."Hey there," I said when The Brit answer the phone at the pub."Why the hell aren't you out breaking hearts?" he asked."I'm leaving that to Osborn.. "Who needs breakfast? We've got serious fun in the offing! Adventure awaits!" Christ, Angie!" I laughed. "What did you do to him last night, anyway? Look at him, he's absolutely retarded now!" Me? What makes you think I did anything to him? Maybe it was the other way around. Baby, you saw him in action last night. He's an animal now," she said, smiling affectionately at Steve. "Besides, is it a crime to wake up happy? I'm happy too, you know," she added, bringing my face back to hers for a wet,. Parsons right."Kenny, did you enjoy competing? I used to enjoy it very much. Not for the glory mind you, but for the sheer joy of testing oneself." This was the very first time I'd ever heard Mrs. Parsons speaking with such enthusiasm at the dinner table."We could probably still do well in the mixed, Bertie. I don't remember why we stopped playing." Mr. Parsons seemed to want Mrs. Parsons to speak with him. She seldom spoke to him at dinner for some reason. I think it was because she didn't.

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