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"Now what?" Hannah asked probably half expecting Angelique to come out through the phone."What happened last time when I first found the phone. It was...on the floor of the bathroom at the Pussy Wagon strip club, so naturally, I looked through the contacts. There was only one A... I looked at the previous text messages but all they said over and over were 666 probably more than a thousand times. I hit the call button and only got static as a reply. So I don't know why I did it, maybe just to see. It was higher than a man's reach and had a pulley-system attached. There were hooks fastened to this crossbeam - large, shiny, sharp hooks and I wondered if she knew what they were for. This was the butchery. This was where the hunters' prey were going to be slaughtered."Come, hang it up" John gestured in her direction.My worker tied a rope around both her wrists, bound both wrists together and then kicked her closer to the beam. She struggled away from his feet to exactly where they wanted. I had a sound sleep after weeks of sleepless nights.The following morning started normally. But I had good news in store as I heard that Uncle was getting ready for another week long tour. I was excited in anticipation of a fun filled week ahead. My cousin sister was ready to leave for school. The only thing rather unusual was that Aunty was not ready till now. She was still in a robe but this time it was skimpier and my sharp eyes also caught that she had not worn her bra beneath. Her nipples. ‘How could any man resist this moment. You deserve a good fucking.’ His hands appeared on my bum cheeks and suddenly my feet left the sandy sea-floor as he hoisted me up to his eye level. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his waist spreading my thighs as far as they could go, mouth finding his and sucking his lips like a hungry whore. His cock-head probed my clit, teasing my pussy lips, my breasts bobbing like buoyancy aids, nubs as hard as diamonds. ‘Oh, God yes!’ I shrieked and realised.

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