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We weren't going together. I was just going round there to do a job for her mother."He still looked at me weird. "You went to the house to fix her's plumbing, and ended up fixing Josephine's?" Twice." Twice," he echoed. He stared for quite a while, then added, "Well, whatever you had for breakfast, I want some of it."I wondered what was in store for me as I walked up the path to Cressida's front door. Well, that's not quite right. I had a damn' good idea that we would end up in a sweaty. Patio Girl is really going to town on her partner's cock and I realize that the couple previously making out on the chair are now both topless. The hand on my cock is slowly jerking me through my jeans. My wife reaches up and cups my face with her hands to direct me to look at her and to kiss her deeply. I start doing the math in my head, my wife's two hands on my face, leaves an extra hand on my cock. That extra hand is unzipping my pants now and fishing around for my cock. My wife releases me. By now Mistress Lisa was getting turned on at the thought of my punishment and made me sit on her lap. She had her hand up my skirt and made me kiss her until our friends arrived to give us a lift to the club. The two women who turned up know about me. They are Mistress Lisa's best friends and have known me since before she started seriously to feminise me. Both of them encouraged her and helped when necessary. One of them seems to delight in my embarrassment in some types of clothes and the. I’m all in for taking up with Kevin’s. I’m betting you’re all squishy and hot down there just talking about it.” Kayla looked at me and kind of twitched her head sideways. “If you’re not, you better say so,” I cautioned her. “I can see by the bulge in your shorts you’re up for it,” she said, “so I guess there’s no harm in admitting it. Yeah, I’m moist.” “Moist, hell,” Donna said disparagingly. “I’m fucking wet.” She turned to me. “Want to feel?” It was my turn to look toward Kayla. She licked.

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