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I was about to explode she asked me to explode on her face and she wanted my cum on her and so I shot my load on my slut’s face, she was happy, she ...ooked satisfied as she finger licked it all and I can’t forget her face oh fuck.I so wanted to do her for teasing me so much. I had to leave as her mum was expected any moment after a few late night phone sex sessions, my time had come!! Her folks had to attend a party and she stayed back on the pretext of studying for the CATs! I was going to. Mia blickte an sich herab, um ihre Kleidung zu ?berpr?fen. Was sie in diesem Outfit wohl f?r einen Eindruck auf die M?nner machte? Sie sah auf ihre Stiefel und fragte sich, warum sie heute wohl die bequemen und keine ihrer hochhackigen gew?hlt hatte. Als sie an ihren Beinen hinab sah, fiel ihr an den St?hlen etwas Ungew?hnliches auf. Die St?hle waren in den Boden eingelassen. Sie konnten also nicht bewegt werden. Und dann erschrak sie. Vor jedem Stuhl war an einer Kette befestigt eine Art. It was negative. They both began to get a bit restless, impatient to get away."I'll just check your bags ladies and then you can be on your way," I told them.This seemed to annoy Megan. "Can't you just let us go; there's no need for this is there?"I ignored her and checked their bags on the car bonnet. My torch revealed that Mom's bag had nothing other than the ordinary, but Megan's ... well, well, well. Inside a cigarette packet were four hand-rolled joints and a few pills, probably Ecstasy. I. “Are you okay?”I nodded, keeping myself from breaking down before her. “You can go, Mom.”“You sure?” she asked, though she didn't sound sure. She had something big going on at work. More important than me.“Yeah,” I said. “I'm fine. It's just some amnesia. No biggie. I was going to take a nap anyways.”“Okay,” she said even as she pulled back her head, closing my door. “If you're sure...”The door shut before I answered.I leaned my head back. Flicked through my contacts. There was plenty of guys.

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