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Will stopped to enjoy the view for a moment, Bella leaning down on him from the stair above to look out the window. “I can see why you like this pla...e,” she said. He nodded.Their reverie was broken by the sound of the front door hitting the small bell hanging from the frame. A muffled, masculine voice asked for Will. A female voice replied sternly that Will was still not available. Bella gave him a small push. He sighed and continued down to the landing and pulled open the trap door in the. He still wished that he'd had Betsy on him when he got into that whole Corley thing last year. It would have gone a lot differently."Riders!" The call came from the look out that Ben had posted at the top of the canyon. Ben had two lookouts posted at any one time, unless the gang was out riding. Ben had learned a big lesson last year to watch against ambushes. He got out of bed with a curse, holding his side. Gunny had nailed him there, and one of his Leathernecks had too. Well, Ben was tough.. I fucked her slowly, even in this simple missionary position, she was writhing at the joy of having my cock inside her. We continued, softly, gently making love, kissing each other, suckling occasionally on her nipples. It was different… tender, patient lovemaking. She came again two more times before I finally released into her. We snuggled down together, the post-coital satisfaction not requiring words and we drifted into sleep, holding her in my arms.The next morning, I started blinking my. This was gonna be the greatest night of my life, giant tits and a bird who wants anal on a first date, Christmas and birthday all at once. Sally took a long deep swig from the flask and offered it to me. Hell why not, it tasted like a whisky cocktail and pretty smooth too.4.I'm telling you, my cock was fucking raging for hours, I must have fucked those tits until they were raw, I sucked those nipple and fucked those boobs so hard my cock was actually in Sally's mouth as well. She sucked me dry.

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