We found plenty and it was in good shape. We started refueling.On the way in, I was copilot of the Duck. I thought the GPS was giving some funny Bennie said, "I've noticed that. The plane also has an INS. I've been setting that. From what I have read, the GPS can get out of date but the INS is purely internal to the plane. It only requires that we know where we are and give the system time to start up and figure out what's real. The military bases and the airports have it. I use the. On the door of the room on the back of the house was a large poster ofthe Manchester City Football Club crest. I don't know much about footballin fact I could probably write everything I know about the sport on theback of a postage stamp. If it wasn't for the F.C. part, I would havemost likely thought it the coat of arms for the City of Manchester. Ipresumed that this must be the teenage son's room.This was confirmed upon opening the door. The room was a tip with clothesscattered across the. ’She just laughed at my words and changed the topic. We continued like that going back and forth enjoying our time till the disappeared couple returned and our time together came to an end. We said our goodbyes and went our ways.That night I received a message from her simply saying, ‘thanks, sandy, I really had a great time today.’.I replied back, ‘thanks, same here and I could make it even more fun if you want.’. The only thing I got back was a good night and smiley. I did not hear anything. That's what we're doing ... except a little more personally involved." That shi ... that stuff don't really happen, that's just a movie." Tanya retorted.Sandi laughed."Yeah, it does happen, Tanya. We've done a little research and found out that it really DOES happen."Tanya was still doubtful from her expression."But it doesn't matter whether someone else actually has done it, or not. WE are going to do it ... are you interested?"Tanya thought a few seconds."What do I have to do?"Sandi gave her.

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