Due to an unforeseen pregnancy for the daughter of one of my mother’s friends, I had also been taken to our family GP for birth control tablets. days I had severe symptoms and he prescribed an alternative but with similar outcomes. Some forms of birth control were considered one step short of torture by my mother, me or both. The GP consulted widely until a month or so before my sixteenth birthday a suitble pill was found. I had no intention of stopping my exploration of boys and I. I’m the leader. Anything I do to you, you then have to do to me next. And you have to do it as well or better than I do. Agreed?”I said uncertainly, “I guess so.”“Good. Get started.”I said, surprised, “Huh? I thought you were the leader?”Joey said with a smirk, “I am and I already did something,” and then rubbed some of his spit into my left breast.“Oh,” I simply said before I pressed my mouth over his.I was surprised at how easily I became excited while sucking and licking his manly breasts.. The day the divorce became final I stopped at The Landing Strip to have a few drinks to celebrate my freedom. It was open mic night and I sat there, listened, drank my PBR and applauded all the standups even if they weren’t all that good. They deserved it just for having the guts to get up there and let it all hang out.I didn’t know the name of the guy doing the standup, but I recognized him from the Safeway over on Perry. I think he worked in the Meat Department.“John went to visit his 90 year. She met Brian outside of the room. Seeing Brian walk up to her from inside the class made her even more wet knowing that she had just met him and she already got him hard. As Brian walked to her he said,"Well I see you are not shy at all."All she could do is bluff and giggle."Hey listen," he said in a rush, "there is a frat party tonight, your welcome to come, our parties are always fun. Believe me!"She nodded in aggreement and they exchanged information.She went back to her dorm where she had.

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