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." Mum sighs, rushing over to give me a gentle hug. "This willbe the turning point for you, I know it. Things WILL start to getbetter, you WILL have a...happier time at school, you WILL get the loveyou deserve from your family." Or things will just get infinitely worse," I snort."Don't think that!" Mum urges. "Be positive, Ashley. I'm sure Laura'sbeing positive about the article." Yeah, well, she actually LOOKS like a girl," I sigh."So. Do. You," mum says. "Trust your mother, okay? Things WILL. That would all be gone by midnight, soRiver could visit the river the next morning.------ ------- -------River had trouble getting up at 2 a.m. She was not used to feelingtired, like she had for so much of the last few days. She let Marksleep. He could reunite with the river tomorrow. She went out the backof the house and down to the water. She stuck a toe in, and for asecond it was cold, but then slowly warmed. It was not as quick as inthe past, but she immediately felt refreshed. the river. .. had... sloppy seconds..." WHAT?!" What?" We've landed Ma'am."As Sharon entered the baggage carousel area she saw Matt. He sprinted towards her and kissed her passionately. Sharon felt her body respond. She wanted nothing more then to be in his arms.A FEW DAYS LATERSharon was nervous as she knocked on Gina's door."Sharon, when did you get back? You look great! Come on in; glass of wine? How was London? Tell me everything."They had just finished the first bottle when Sharon suggested that Gina. " And I will miss you and Candy, too, but I'll be back afterwards." she said, but we both knew that was a lie. "I'll go and pack and leave straight away." Leaving, who's leaving?" asked Candy who had just emerged from the engine room."I am, babe," confirmed Lila."What? No!" screamed Candy."Look, babe," said Lila in a soothing manner."No, no, you can't leave," she screamed again. "Captain, do something, order her not to go." She has to do something and then she'll be back," I said."No, she's.

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