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Waiting to have that tongue wrap around my swollen cock is so intense. I can sense the warmth from her heavy breath and with applying the other hand t... the back of her head also, I shoved that cock into her mouth and over her tongue and down her throat. I held my cock there for a bit as I felt it expanding and growing. I could feel her gag reflex wanting to push me out but she clinched on to my ass with both of her hands keeping me right where I was. This is what she's been getting really good. He lowered his head in silence. “Madame, I am truly sorry. I did not realise this was so, you are Ben’s (French for step-mum), his… ah, his step-mother, non? Again I am very sorry!” Actually, I think the suggestion that I was in some capacity Ben’s mother was worse than the suggestion that we were sl**ping together. “That’s no problem Christian, you weren’t to know, and clearly Ben had failed to apprise you of this situation.” “Oui Madame, during our brief conversation on the way into the. Then we will see how you have done.”I got down on my knees with my arms behind my back and my ass up in the air. I started by lightly kissing her legs, all around the foot, then the calf, running my hands up and down her silky calves, feeling the luxurious stockings. Then I started the other leg. By this time my cock was really hard. I moved to her thighs, nibbling the lace of the stockings, when she said “No, the girls need to come out to play.” She slowly unbuttoned her vest top and the. If she’d told him that yesterday it would’ve been a surprise, but no big deal. Now they were both jobless. Darius was gonna have to find another gig really fast.“When were you planning on tellin me?”“At the right time” she said, looking up from her computer. She smiled innocently. “Why are you back so early?”Darius scratched his forehead before folding his arms defensively. “Well, baby. That’s the thing. I kinda...”Her eyebrows raised, waiting for him to continue.“I quit too.”Heather snickered..

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