Fiona walked round me to inspect how I had done. As she disappearedbehind me I tried to follow her with my head, which earned me a stingingslap on the...bum.'Eyes straight ahead.''Yes, Mistress,' not daring to rub my bum which was sore from the slap.'Not bad, sissy, not bad at all. I think you’ll do.''Thank you Mistress Fiona.'Fiona said that I should learn how to serve properly before I got to theparty. I was confused, how difficult could it be to serve someone adrink. She asked me to pretend as. O ese muchte jetei ami or buker dike dkehchilam, o takiye bolo ishh dada eirakom asovyer mto takiyo na, ar theke tv te onek sundari ar asovyo meye aache oisob e dkeho. Ami bollam oder mto dress porle toke ode thekeo besi sundari laagbe. Sonali bollo dhyaat, ki je balo.Ora kato sundar dkehte. Ami bollam tor buk tao khub sundar re sonali. O bollo dhyat , toma rkhali asovyota. Ami oirakom asovyo asovyo dress pore sundari hote paarbo na. Tachara ora kato sundar bra panty pore aache. Ami bollam oi. ) He's rubbing my mother's lower part of body with his penis,but at that time I don't know it's called vagina and why he have to do this with such a fast speed and looks so excited. He looks like trying to put his penis deep in my mom's hole. Though my mom looks like it hurts a lot,but she still screamed like very satisfied with my dad's amusement. He lowered his hairy chest to my mother's face,and one of his hands grabbed her b**st tightly and moving right and left,he looked more energetic by. This became my newmorning ritual though of course he used me as a urinal at any time of the dayand occasionally would come to me during the night to piss down my throat orsimply all over me if he couldn't be bothered to aim for my mouth. At first ihated it. i hated the claustrophobic restraint morethan anything and the difficulty in breathing. As for the shit - well, after awhile my mind went into a wild ecstasy of humiliation and degradation so that atfirst i became accustomed to it and then.

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