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And you need to finish your milk, get dressedand clean up your room." But..." Don't argue with me young man. Now go!" She patted me on the rear and Ir...n over to the table and quickly drank the milk. When I finished I putit back on the table. "In the sink, you know better," she said.I grabbed the glass and walked it over to the sink. I put it on thecounter and headed back upstairs. Before I went into my bedroom I wentdown the hall into my former bedroom. Everything in it looked like Iremembered.. Of all the women in the world, for me there is only one who makes shopping fun: Lorraine. She prattled on about life, asking my advice on clothes, and on presents for Mike and the parents. After an exhausting two hour marathon, she propelled me into a coffee shop and ordered coffee and sinfully creamy cakes."Something's not right in your life Li'l-bro," she said seriously.Li'l-bro was her joke. Mike was 'Big-bro', even though now as adults, I was three inches taller than he was."Come on, spill,. I felt my stomacharea get softer, losing muscle. I felt my hips expanding out words,creating a nice hourglass. One I had admired. Some thing like a warmth, anice sensation, was spreading from my loins to the rest of my body. And Istill didn't want to stop it. I was still orgasming, still releasing moresemen. I actually felt like I couldn't stop it. Like I was stuck.It spread down my legs first, and I found myself standing verydifferently. They felt smaller, but my ass started feeling a. He apologized that everyone kept calling meMrs. Wilson and I told him there was no need to apologize and I actuallyloved being called that, the only thing I said (with a big grin on myface) was that I didn't have an engagement or wedding ring on my finger.He told me he would take care of that later and had a big smile on hisface as well. Dinner was delicious and we had a fabulous evening. As wegot up to leave the restaurant, the ma?tre d', Pierre got our coats andheld mine open for me. I.

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