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With a little noice the muscles, till then close together, parted a little. Alex felt, how the blood went down in his cock again.“Sorry Ems, but…�...�” he started and two seconds later his tongue was at her anus. It was nothing Alex had really decided for himself – it was more or less pure instinct, pure pleasure and lust."Ohohoho ....." Emma purred, “… you naughty boy. Don’t stop, do you hear me?”Alex had not the intention to stop. His tongue wirrled over her rosebud, made it wet and tasty again.. Spurt after spurt flooded into her, I lost count after 10. As my cock started to limp, I pulled out with a satisfying pop.Copying what I did earlier, I grabbed some T.P. and cleaned off my dick. Grabbing more, I knelt down to Megan's bum and started to wipe off the excess jizz. I then proceeded to lick it extra clean. Once again glad I had some gum.After both of us got dressed we headed to our lockers, which were right by each other, and grabbed our lunch."So, what did you think of it?" She. Her attention was distracted by an inquisitive squirrel; perhaps it had got used to being fed by visitors, and she slipped.There was the usual pregnant pause before she began to cry, but Mannie was already running towards her. It seemed to the women watching that Karen stopped crying immediately when he reached her. That wasn't the case, but certainly she calmed down very quickly when he scooped her up. After a few moments, she allowed him to put her down and look at the damage, grazes on her. He can feels his power focused there. Yet Admiral Malkor just laughs. “Of course I will… But, I need something from you two…” He said as he look at Emma and Troy. “What is it??” Emma asked as she can’t stand hearing their friends being tortured like that. “Do you see the bed? I purposely choose the biggest size of the bed in your planet for your comfort… So thoughtful right?” He asked in riddles. “Stop it! Just say what you want!!” Troy shouted as Malkor. “I want…. I want you two to have sex.

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