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My juices were on overdrive, I closed my eyes, took the passenger seat, and let him take the initiative. Jafu’s continual pounding of his coconut sa...k against my buttocks region was so incredibly enjoyable I started to hysterically laugh. The feeling was so joyous laughing was the only way I could express how pleasurable it was, and let me tell you, Jafu’s coconut sack, is very much the size of a coconut sack. I had to of climaxed around 43 times by now, It was a night of continual heated. " he groaned in her ear. "If I move I'll cum." Oh." she breathed into his own ear. "And if I do this will you cum?"She flexed her pussy muscles, squeezing his prick tightly before letting her pussy relax, and then doing it all over again."Ohhhhh yes ... don't do that pleeease." he groaned."Or you'll cum in me?" she whispered, her tongue flicking out into his ear.She felt his penis swell and felt is butt muscles tense under her hands as he prepared to jerk his penis out of her. As excited as he. She relinquished hold of only one hand and used the other to lead me to a bed. It was a huge, oaken affair with a broad quilt covered expanse. Opening a bedside drawer she pulled out a tube of lube. Taking her time, humming softly to herself she coated my shaft until all eight inches glistened. I was hard enough that the foreskin wouldn’t stay forward and most of my bulbous head was uncovered.Leaning over the bed she simply said, “Bugger me.”Although startled by the starkly worded request, I. Juggling her breast and slamming her pussy with my cock. A few minutes passed before she let out a scream. "Aaagghhhhh.....I'm cumming. Your big cock making me orgasm. Fuck!! Fuck!!" yelled Daryl's Mom. I then pulled my cock all the way out. It was very wet. I climbed down one step from her. I leaned down to start licking her wet pussy. She orgasm a second time in my mouth, before I carried her to master bedroom.I spent the rest of the night fucking Mrs. Paige in just about ever position. She.

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