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The second thing I did with the frozen cum was to chip me a piece of cum off of the hard piece and let it thaw and when I started feeling like I wante... to eat my cum while I was jacking-off I reached over and poured the cum into my mouth. I had cum going in my mouth and I shot my cum all over the floor. I never cum that hard in my life. I didn’t lick the cum off of the floor I would now but I did save it and put it back in my glass. After that I always had frozen cum in the freezer sometimes I. " I answered, "We are great Darling. I can't wait to tell you all about it."Kathy led me to the shower and she held me so tightly as we let the warm water wash over us. With the most tender touch I had ever seen she washed away the events of the day. She washed my hair, which I totally loved and then gently tended to my still burning breasts. After our shower she dressed back into her sundress and heels and gathered her toys. She helped me into a sheer, very deep plunging white bra and matching. I can feel it in every way except there is no cum. It just feels strange but as long as I lubricate like this …When his body settled and his breathing relaxed, I pushed him over to his back and slip down his body, kissing it as I do. I took his cock into my mouth. It is slick with my juices. He didn’t last nearly long enough for my own orgasm to generate but the amount of lubrication I am creating is interesting. The flow is much more than before but this might be more a reflection my arousal. "Yes, I am her slave now and forever."The Owner turned to The Whipmaster and said simply, "You may resume." What!" yelled the man. "I submitted. I gave in." Yes, and it looks like you will enjoy being her slave," answered The Owner as he brushed his hand against the man's erect penis. "You want to be a slave, and you seem to like pain... up to a point. But did you not read the whole contract when you signed it? This is a special night. It is Halloween. There are no limits. Every scene.

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