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I varied my movements and Chip grasped my hips, trying to control me. Tough luck, Buddy! I was driven, lost in a sensational fucking world of my own. ...hip couldn’t stop me, he had to go with my rhythm. Eventually, he gave up and grabbed my swaying tits, squeezing and kneading them. Ah, that’s better, Chip.Then, using thumbs and forefingers, he twisted each nipple, turning them in opposite directions. Oh my god. I tossed my head back, shut my eyes, and rode him even faster. I was on the verge of. If the LT kept his mouth shut there would be no repercussions from not turning them over to HQ for interrogation.Chung, Ling and Monkey came back in with big smiles on their faces and came over to me."Sarge, they die too easy, but we no have time to do it the right way. Big mouth have deep shitter out there. He must use himself cause seats have big holes."I busted out laughing and when one of the yards told the rest what Chung said they all broke out laughing. Gunny was giving Chung dirty. "And she disappeared intothe building. Liz followed, then I did too, suddenly feeling more afraid to beoutside alone than inside with my friends. We needed to stick together.? I felt my way in and collided with Liz.Somewhere close by Karen was sweeping her hand around the wall. She found aswitch and pressed it. The dim bulb flickered on and off, giving snap shotimages of the room:? An old kitchen.Dusty cupboards. Dirty cups and plates. A fridge, an old cooker. The blinkinglight was making me. ”Avery didn’t respond, just seeming stunned by that information.Holding the needle up to my skin, I placed it over a bulging vein in the crook of my arm, only to have to give it quite a bit of pressure before it started advancing. Then, once it was in, I pulled up on the plunger to draw some of my blood out, deciding to fill the tube up halfway. Once I was finished, I focused on Avery again.“Okay, and you’re sure you still want to do this, right?” I confirmed. “Because there’s no going back.

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