I just want them to leave so I can jack off. Maddox points at the newest Xbox 
on my coffee table, his Xbox. 

“Shit. Are you kidding me Dox?�...�
“Kevin, I’ve never been so fucking serious in my life.”

That’s enough of an answer for him, as Jackson pulls away Tryst’s legs drop to slide partially off the couch, they remain slightly spread and she’s trying to get off the couch, but she’s too drunk for any sort of successful motor skills. Instead, Maddox is there. “Shh. come on Princess.. .. Terra, come back, we need to talk.”“I never left,” she said softly, still stroking my upper legs. We were back in the field of violets. It was getting harder to breath... and even harder to think.“Terra,” I tried to say firmly, “this is wrong.”“Why?” she asked. Then she said something that caused me to freeze in total amazement. She looked into my eyes and said softly, “I love you.” I gasped and she added, “And I know that you love me.”“What do you mean?” I asked from the fog my mind now. And all the while he could hear her in the kitchen, clicking glasses, popping the champagne cork, and merrily singing Robert Johnson’s “You better come on in my Kitchen” as she helped herself to Peter’s champagne. “Hmmm...It’s lovely fizz darling.” Trixy called out to Peter. “It’s all oozed from the top of the bottle, all over my fingers, and I’m licking it from my skin. Imagine that, whore. Would you like to lick it from me?” Peter groaned, and a bead of white cum appeared at the head of his. I smiled back at her telling her that she is insatiable.She responded that she was going to get as much cock as possible while she could. Well, Paula got her to wish since we fucked three other times before I left to return to Maria. Paula and I kissed goodbye at the door and told me she was ready to join Maria and I whenever we would like it to happen, in fact, "I am looking forward to it now."*********************As I walked into the house, Maria was sitting at the kitchen table, having her.

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