"Evangeline, reddened, "Now you know my pet name, you naughty girl," shesaid, smiling."It is my secret," grinned Marilyn.Evangeline hooked her finger ...nto Candy's nose ring and said, "Comealong big mouth, maybe we can find someone to compare dildo sizeswith."Marilyn nodded towards Matron Fredoniasdaughter as she led the love ofher life away, by the nose. Turning towards her twins, Marilyn added,"Would you two like to have children to look after?" They both shooktheir heads no, causing their. " Oh, Daniel," said Arya sweetly with a smile. She cupped her palm over his cheek and leaned in to kiss him. Daniel happily accepted and returned it, pressing his lips firmly to hers."Call me Dani," he said, when their kiss finally broke.Arya raised a questioning eyebrow. "I thought you hated being called Danny?" When it's spelled D-A-N-N-Y, yes. But when you spell it D-A-N-I, it can be short for Danielle." Oh, Dani," said Arya again, this time in a much more breathy voice. This time when. Is it really OK with both of you? No, Helen. Its not just OK with us its fucking brilliant. Isnt it, Naomi? Fuck yes. Im wet just thinking about it. So without watching any TV or even stopping to chat over a drink or two, we headed for the bedroom. Helen, I dont know if you like to eat pussy, or have your pussy eaten. Do you? Well, Naomi, until John ate my pussy last night Id never tried either, but because you have already given me so much pleasure, I somehow feel comfortable doing anything. It was now lunchtime and Beth said she had to go to the shop, I offered and she told me what was wanted, she would do some lunch for when I got back, I shot off and back in double quick time “not even Garry or Jack want to be back that quick” Beth commented I thought but then Jack and Garry hadn’t had what I had, and had hoped for it again. We sat in the living room and chatted “so Tim what was it like for you this morning”? I looked at her “well Beth better than I had imagined I thought you.

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