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That was a feature Lacey always loved about her friend. Glasses suited her to a T. She could pass for a librarian. A hot one to be totally her friend, Charlotte wore minimal make up, but neither of them need it. Their complexion? Near flawless, making her cute glasses the center of attention. A shame that hidden behind them were a seemingly endless ocean of blue. Her eyes were beautiful, but you'd probably never notice."Don't go acting innocent now, four years Into our. The other three members of the team had been sick with the flu,so when Friday's practice session wrapped up and the girl's hit the shower's he decided to watch them through a small spy hole that was unnoticeable to any one but himself.He had always took pleasure in viewing the lovely young ladies as they showered and never really noticed anything unusual when all five showered together after practice but he had the sneaking suspicion that things could get steamy and not just the showers!As. That's a pity, you think. He smiles that smile again and you want to touch his cheek. Company policy he says. You're curious but say nothing.The look in his eyes remind you of the lazy gaze of a big, tawny cat. It's cool and respectful with a sparkle of admiration that might be something more. But you can't be sure. It lasts a moment too long so you look away and then wish you hadn't.This is a man who expects you to give as good as you get. And you decide this is the man who's going to give you. After all that excitement she felt they needed a real break, and like the boys they didn't seem to ever take any vacations either.But things got interesting when the boys returned back to their dorm room.The boys were expecting, but still ill prepared, for the reception the girls got.Most of the boys on campus hadn't seen anything but girls who were mages. Many of those one's used glamour spells so suddenly having access to some natural beauties that didn't have to work hard at their looks.

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