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She pulled it out as quickly as she could, replacing it withher cock slamming all the way into me, her balls were touchingmine, her nails digging waist. Slowly she slid outuntil just her head was inside my ring before slamming allthe way back into me. She repeated this for the next 5 minutesas my forehead was resting on the floor, All of the sudden,I felt her stop with her balls resting on mine, she leanedover my back, grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head up andturning it to face. Our arms were in each other as we watch the show. In no time, Raj was being naughty again. He was running his hands under my shirt and shorts. Eventually, held my mild erect cock and balls.He slid my shorts and Tshirt in no time. I undressed him as well. Quickly we came so close to each other that we couldn’t stand to wait any longer. We again kissed deeply, as eating each others tongue became a normal and most hottest thing we did. Our cocks were kissing each other well. He started to caress. "Yes, I know. I heard you in the hallway outside my door. Did that upset you, hearing your daughter like that?" Oh God, you have to believe me. I wasn't spying on you. I went to get a towel from your bathroom because I didn't have any in mine and I heard her through the door." You didn't answer my question, Jill. Did it upset you hearing your daughter moaning like that? Is that why you didn't sleep?" Kyle was pushing his luck here, he knew, but seeing her facial reactions to his question told. Her golden hair, her big blue eyes, her luscious lips ... He realized that in a moment, he was going to feel those lips wrapped around his cock for the first time.Tracy took the stopwatch from her, and Brit came over and knelt down between his legs. She gazed up into his eyes, and he could feel the love there. Was she actually going to go through with this? Was she going to pleasure him with her mouth?"Go!" Tracy said, and Brit's head lowered. He groaned in pleasure as she made contact, sliding.

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