And then the pressure again. But, it slips easily inside of you getting thicker as it goes. With an almost audible "pop" it is in. Allowing your ass t... close around the small shaft of the metal "Jeweled" plug. I untie your ankles from your chest and each other. Using your arms, I help you to your feet and warn you to keep the plug in your ass. I guide you, and then sit you on your couch. After giving you instructions not to move, I make my way around your place collecting what will be needed.. I mean for my – my Sir.’ Madame Fleurie sat up straighter and closed her eyes. ‘He is deeply wounded. You have lightened his darkness, but he still falls into the shadows sometimes – when he is alone. He hides it from you. He needs your help.’ You blurted, ‘Yes! Yes! You do see it! I want to help, but I don’t know how. I love him sooo much. What can I do?’ Fleurie was watching Kristin. She turned back to you and spoke softly and kindly. ‘I will help you. But give me time to think about it. The. Everything was increasing at once, and I becamemore afraid not knowing where this building pressure would end. Iwanted to run, but also wanted to know.Tom began to swear. At first low, then building, but in athreatening tone. "You fucker…Oh you little fucker…Ungh...youfuck". He cursed me even as he dug his fingers in, big handspainfully pulling my hips to his groin. "UHH…fuck..unngh…youfuckerrrrr" he growled. At the same time, I felt his cock throbbingbetween my buttcheeks. He pressed hard and. The next day at the meeting, we met as usual and we acted as ifnothing had happened at all. You wouldn't have known anything from thelooks of us. It was perfect. I made a point of acting this way, even barelynoticing Steven, so as to put his worries about me to rest. I wantedanother go at his cock, and I didn't want to scare him or make him feeluncomfortable about me. I decided to just wait for him to make the nextmove, and I realized that it could be a while. I was going to give him allthe.

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