She took a tentative sip, sighed, and leaned back on the sofa. I waited to let her begin. It was her decision to talk, and I wanted to hear it."I apologize first, Stan. I know I've been hard ... no ... make that impossible to live with in the past while. I want you to know that it was nothing that you did to make me that way."She paused, and I leaned back in my chair, awaiting whatever came next."You know that I was excited when I got my first promotion at Empire Life. It was the first. I took a hand and started tweaking her left nipple while sucking hard on her right one. Her breathing was irregular and she had her eyes closed. She was yelling: "OOOOOHHHH GGGGGOOOODDDD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD... MORE PLEASE MORE!!!!!" Who was I to ignore her request? I bit her right nipple and pinch hard on her left. She was squirming all over the place and stopped dead. Her breathing was slowly coming back to normal. Finally she opened her eyes and said that she had an orgasm from just me. “My skirt won’t let me.”He released her hair before yanking her skirt up to her hips, the shadowy light pooling darkly in the area, hiding whatever she was wearing underneath.“Open them. Now.” He waited with growing anticipation as she reluctantly hinged her knees outwards, revealing the secrets she’d kept hidden during the night. “You slut,” he breathed. “Nothing, you’ve got nothing on under that skirt and you thought you were getting away from me unfucked?”“No,” she whimpered, as he. He would get turned on instantly after reading Aunt and Nephew sex. Though he never fantasized about his mother he would get turned on by Mother and Son sex too.So it was decided, Trudy and Amy were going to make Alex horny for few weeks and then tell him about their submission.Few weeks went by. Trudy’s behaviour started changing when Alex was around. She used to wear very low cut dresses without a bra. She would wear sexy bikinis and swim around in the pool.Amy was also giving Trudy a tough.

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