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The music of the waterfall fills me, and my yearning slowly melts away. I rise to leave, accepting that oneness with the waterfall will be all that I ...chieve today. As I turn to step down, I realize you have arrived, gliding through the glade, moving to your own private music. I have seen you here before, but the dance was not with you then. Without consideration, I sit again on the rock, now facing into the silent, sun-speckled glade. There is something true about your dance and when I can. " I know, and I know exactly how you and the other girls feel about thefirst menses. I had mine last year." Rachel, how do you feel about your friends?" Billie, I want for them to be who they were, unless they want to be whothey are now. Me, I might be a majorette and wear a skimpy uniform, butI want to become an architect like Daddy and be a mom, too." That's very good. But please tell the class about your first mensesafter Jay Lee tells us about hers."I got up and proceeded to tell about my. Kintu ekbaro bara ta ber korte bollo na.)Anita : ha puro ta dhuke giyeche?Ami : ha.Anita : ebar aste aste dhakka mar oar amake chodo.(ami ebar aste aste bara diye thepate suru korlam……ektu porei Anita bollo….)Anita : jore jore thapao Prashant, amar gud ke phatiye dao. aaaaaaaah!! Aahhhhhh!!! Ei chorom sukhe ami more jabo.(ami ebar speed bariye chudte laglam)Anita : chodo chodo Prashant, amar gud ke phatiye dao, phatiye rokto ber kore dao aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Prashant, aj theke ami tomar amar. .. ten... twenty... yes."Alex had been manipulating her clit and now as she crossed that line she let Carol shudder and cum... and cum, so hard she blacked out falling back on the couch unconscious.When Carol came too Alex stood over her smiling, then she dropped her mouth to Carols pussy and ate her lovingly until she came, screaming, several times again. Fortunately not as severe as before, this time she didn't black out but wonderful none-the-less.When Bob came in the door he found Carol and.

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