As I got closer both their eyes lit up and smiled, so they started asking me what I was doing tonight, was I going anywhere or if I had anything plann...d. So I told them no not really, they both got this wild look and shit eating grins on their faces, and said to me "Good cause we're taking shopping for your halloween costume". And I'm thinking great I already had my costume planned and now it's gonna get fucked up, can this day get any worse. As walked out of the house into the garage to get. They blindfolded me and then I felt that I was being jerked off, sucked off, put on a condom and impaled on my genitals. They told me that I was not allowed to come.Also, whenever I was on the verge of orgasm, they would stop jerking me off, sucking me, or impaling themselves on my cock. Then they would wait for me to cum and then start again. They continued in this way, first in the cage, then tied up on a bed, the same game, this time unblindfolded.Then I had to lick their feet for a long. She studied the alien organ for a moment; it was similar to a circumcised human penis except it was green. The head was a deeper and darker green than the shaft but Aiko did not find it in any way unattractive. Instead the alien's penis excited her as much as the cock of a human male would have. The alien's cock was already erect and he moved it toward Aiko's mouth as if he wanted her to suck it.Since Aiko loved sucking cock and was curious about the alien penis in front of her she opened her. I thrash your pussy until it I unclenches and the muscle is smooth and supple. I take my time working plenty of lube into your relaxed pussy. Massaging your prostate while I'm there because I'm an evil bitch before lubing the 2 inch diameter plug we're using to keep you loose enough to fuck but tight enough to please. With lots of soft words of love and encouragement along with soothing caresses on your back and ass I work the plug in. Fucking in and out of you with a smooth touch until your.

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