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"I'm sorry," I apologized. "I didn't see you until almost the lastsecond." That's ok," she spoke, looked at me, then turned her face quicklyaway.I hel... the door for her to enter, it was the least I could do. "Ladiesfirst." I waived my hand for her to pass."Uh... thanks," she mumbled.She was carrying her books up high as if to hide her pert breasts,almost as if on cue two overly excited guys came racing down the stairsand rounded the corner directly into her path.Her slight build causing her to. To mene bhabi ko bola ki thik he me apke liye medicine le ata hun to bhabi ne han bol diya. Usidin evening me mein medical store jake iunke liye ek tel aur ek tablet lake dediya. Phir 2 din ke bad dekha ki bhabi avi bhi thik nahin hua he. To me jab puchha to bhabi boli ki me tel ko malish nahin kar pa raha hun.Tab mera dimag me idea aya ki agar me bhabi ki malish kardun aur usi bahane bhabi ko chod sakun to mera khwais pura ho jayega . Me thoda dar ke bhabi ko bola ki me appka malish kardunga. Her mind drifted to earlier that day, to the transgression that brought her to the present. Master had teased her unmercifully the previous day and into the morning before leaving the house to attend a meeting. She knew he would allow her the release she so desperately wanted when he wished it. He brought her so very close numerous times, only to deny her, leaving her breathless and hungry for more. He was very good at it and she knew he enjoyed seeing her suffer. She more than willingly. After the third long, slow dance, we all sat and chatted again. That’s when Rayna asked “When did all this start?” I hesitated just a second before I realized that, given the current situation, there was no reason not to share my story with our new friends and NATURAL NEIGHBORS’ twenty year old Rayna and her parents, Maria and Roy. They gathered around, potent drinks in hand, with my mom and sister who nodded consent with broad smiles. So I began our story and took advantage of the randy mood.

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