’ Ella instinctively dropped her right hand to her sex, covering it with her palm. Her left hand went to her head as she tilted it, pouting at him a... she dragged her finger up against the fabric of her panties. ‘Sexier,’ he repeated, standing now. There it was. The evidence! His cock was responding to the pose. There was a clear bulge in his jeans. His accent was more pronounced, too. Ella knew what that meant. He was feeling it, too. The realisation made her feel even sexier, if such a thing. Before he knew it her legs were hooked behind his and her arms were around his neck. She uttered soft excited encouragement until they both came, shuddering in each other’s arms. Will felt guilty the next morning but he was quickly aroused just thinking of seeing Brooke again. When he pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant, Brooke was already there, leaning against the side of her car. She had a pink blouse and short pink shirt on and tennis shoes with pink trim. He bumped into the curb. Touching at every available opportunity, kissing, hand's sliding up my legs and the moan as you realize I've removed my panties... It's getting late and we should be going our separate ways but the kissing and the flirting has got us both hot and horny, the apprehension is too much. We walk hurriedly as you lead me to a secluded place you know. A park bench, just back from a path,. it's 11 o clock at night though, not many people about. You sit and pull me on top of you, our tongues dancing in. One of my former students (lets call him Travis) posted that he was soon to be deployed with the army, on his social media. I messaged him to tell him that I was proud of him, which lead to a long conversation. He admitted that he had a crush on me when I taught him. I'm always fascinated by what people fantasize about when they masturbate. So when I felt comfortable enough, I asked him if I was a member of his "spank bank". He of course confirmed that I was near the top of the pile lol.

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