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I apologized to him sincerely and explained my reasons. Him being far too big, and it being our first time, and everything I could think of to make it...easier on him. If you had of heard me you wouldn't of believed I'd just let the guy rub his cock all over my loving wife for the past 2 hours, such was my guilt. He seemed to understand and when he left it wasn't on to badder terms I felt. Now I had to face my wife. She had been mortified when I stopped her. The look on her face when she realized. We left early and Julie rode between us in the front seat. It was dark in the car, so I couldn't see well, but I'm sure there was some fiddling about between Julie and Dave on the way back to the rooming house where we lived.When I opened the door to my room, Julie and Dave came in behind me. They started kissing and groping each other. Wow, I hadn't expected things to go so fast. They were hot for each other right now; it had been two days since our first and only threesome together.They. "Just bugger off Malfoy!" sneered Ron as he turned Heather away fromMalfoy."Give her one for me Weasley!" laughed Crabbe."Shut up you idiot!" said Malfoy, punching him in the arm.Heather walked briskly down the dark empty steps that led to thedungeons. Ron followed, calling her name after her."Are you okay?" he asked."Yeah I'm fine," whispered Heather dabbing her eyes."You crying mate?" asked Ron concernedly."No, no," lied Heather, unable to understand her new emotions. "It'sprobably just the. .NOW, lick me well, till I cum!". "I'm sorry Mistress, I forgot my place, forgive me, please!" I apologized. "Hush. Be quiet and get on with it!" my Mistress scolds. I remove her thong, then lick her deep and hard, varying my speed, using the middle finger to play with her pussy, until I feel her tense upon my finger, an intense orgasm rips through her body as her juices flow all over my face. "Don't stop! I've all night!". So I continue my pleasuring, bringing her from orgasm to orgasm,.

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