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" Thank you, Mistress," replied Josephine flatly, carefully hiding her feelings.Although she had been doing her best to conceal it, Josephine's heart been pounding in her throat throughout the conversation. She had lied to the Mistress. It was only a tiny lie, something which had little potential to do anyone any harm, but a lie nevertheless. It had not been Miss Blacklock's idea for Josephine to offer her assistance at that point. Josephine has calculated her own timing for this. ‭" Do you remember Reverend Archer?" ‏I asked."‏Sure I know your ex-con, spiritual adviser, and assistant gun thug.He is the one you are trying to get into bed, so you can corrupt.‭" Jen, ‏he is sitting right here and I have you on speaker phone.‭" Oh hell, ‏just kidding Preacher.Okay did they finally arrest you two‭?" No, ‏the Hazelwood just closed.Marge disappeared and won't be coming back.The building's owner is going to be looking for a new tenant.‭"I said."‏Maxine, I know your finances and. " Good. I know that all this is strange to you and that you have had anumber of personal problems but everyone is here to help you. Have you gotyour medi kit for diabetes?"I nodded."Well, make sure that you keep it with you and if you have any worriesabout that, see the school nurse. Now Nicola, can you wait outside for aminute, I need to speak to Katie privately. I'll call you when I'vefinished. We won't be long." OK, Miss."With that, Nicola rushed out."That girl does not know how to walk! Now. Spreading her legs, she rubbed her wet cunt on his muscular thigh. Their fiery kiss lasted a half-minute, then he just as quickly pushed her away to arms length. Gasping out a moan of frustration, she was just as quickly spun around to face the wall. Running his hands down her arms to her wrists, he yanked them out and up, spread-eagling her against the wall. He hunched down, rubbing his prick in the furrow of her ass crack. Bringing her arms together over her head, he held both wrists in.

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