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He paused, wanting to cry yet the more he thought about it thatcould be worse, as she'd be really pissed when she got back or possibly noteven return....She had his house keys on his ring with his car keys, so hecouldn't even get in if he went home dressed as he was, and even worse hadhis wallet, credit cards and money in her purse.He looked down, feeling the lump run down his throat, ready to pull theplug from his ass but then thought better of it, not wanting to piss heroff further. He tried. The slave thinks that it is being denied again when Master pulls the dildo from its ass but then it feels Master’s cock at its asshole. Master grabs the slave by its hips as He slams His hard cock deep inside its ass. The slave moans with pleasure and delight as Master fucks it harder. Master grabs the slave by its hair and pulls the slave up to Him and whispers in its ear, “Now you can cum slut, cum for your Master.” “Yes Master, Thank you Master”, the slave screams with passion as it. "Yes, you are an angel, sis. Shit, you have a great mouth, so don't stop."I instantly rose up and kissed him. "Thank you, bro. Now call me your fuck doll." Okay, get back to sucking my manhood, fuck doll." Yes," I mentioned before I dropped down to my knees and began giving him head again."And rub your lips on my dick again, sis. Do it, and maybe I'll let you be my fuck doll, fair enough?"I nodded once again and placed my hands on the base. I held as tightly as I could and started thrusting my. "Iwannabeinamiddle." She sighs."You always ina middle." Alex whines back. I grin - I can't believe that they could screw and argue at the same time.We screw slowly, leisurely; none of us were in a rush to wake up. Occasionally one of us groans or sighs and the others respond but otherwise we quietly fuck. It's sweet and sensual and I don't want it to end anytime soon - literally, I want to stay here all day and screw. I think I did doze off because I have this sense of making love to Barb and.

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