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Sensing what she wanted from me I moved my hand carefully over to her pussy and while she frigged her clit I eased first 2, then when I found how wet ...nd ready she was, 3 fingers into her. In opposition to the feeling of her slim, cool fingers on my cock, I now felt the heat that she must have felt from me as my fingers wriggled inside her soaking pussy. I wanted to explore every fold and ridge of that beautifully soft flesh. Her own hand was touching mine and I could feel the way she was. Camilla had an evil grin in her sexy eyes, as she kept fucking my ass in such a wild way. She looked into my eyes without mercy.I cried again, begging for mercy; I really could not stand it anymore.That piece of rubber inside my anus felt too huge and painful…But Camilla laughed again and kept sodomizing me, ordering me to take more and more of that dick. She said I should remember when I had fucked her tight asshole in the past. It had been painful for her; but I had not showed any mercy to. We all laughed saying I bet that looks amazing to which Sam said,” I’m afraid she can’t talk now because she has my cock in her mouth as well.” Louise tried to garble her agreement, finally pulling his cock out of her mouth she said, “Yes, I can’t deny it. The dirty swines have all now got stiffies.”We talked and then agreed that would all be meeting up in a couple of hours time as we were going to head out for a late afternoon of ten pin bowling.Sam joked that he had received an interesting. Once he had it hard, he bent his head to her breast and began sucking on her tit like a baby nursing his mother. Stephanie was moaning and groaning, and Samantha stood up and joined them in kissing. Jack stuck his finger into Stephanie’s pussy to see if she was ready, and she griped it hard with her cunt muscles and moaned loudly.“God, I love to be fingered fucked.” Jack continued to finger her and the harder he fucked her the more she moaned and groaned. He wasn’t sure he could ever.

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