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“toh tujhe puri tarha se siisy banna hai na?” my mistress asked.Me: ji malkinKoel: toh aaj se hum dono tujhe train karenge, but remember it won’... be easy. So are you ready to be a complete sissy whore?Me: yes mam.Koel : as we are moving to your next stage of your training so we both had made a set of new rules .Saying this, she gave me a piece of paper which says:A) from today you will do all the house hold work.B) every morning when you wake up you will have to kiss my feet and any other. At that point, I moved my left arm below me, bracing myself with it on his upper right thigh as my hands went to his belt. I unbuckled and separated the strap from itself and I quickly unbuttoned his jeans before slowly and sensuously sliding the zipper down toward his balls.I heard him take a deep breath and clear his throat as I folded the fabric of his jeans open to reveal his cotton boxers, beneath which a proud erection had already forced its way free of the jeans and created an undeniable. Swaying, the drunk staggered on his feet, completely unaware that most of his urine flow was pouring onto his trouser leg and into his shoe.Chandrya prepared to leave, but the drunk never noticed them stood thirteen foot away, watching him.‘That was close!’ Panted Daphne, as she kissed her sister on the cheek as they watched the drunk stagger away.Chandrya rubbed her nose against the side of Daphne’s. ‘That’s not the only thing that is close, is it?’Daphne felt the familiar beginning to the. The trip over to the place of the contact is short. Once she gives the password to the man behind the door with the sliding slot, she is inside, almost in complete darkness. The light is dim and filled with smoke and the horrible stench of body odor.The man behind the door waves a hand toward the door at the end of the hall and without a word or any acknowledgement, Regina heads for it. Once inside the smell dissipates a little, but the smoke doesn’t nor does the lighting improve.“Welcome.

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