‘What do you want from ME?’ Bob put his menu down as well. ‘I want to have an engaging conversation with a beautiful woman over an excellent din...er.’ ‘Bullshit.’ Bob leaned in closer. ‘I’ll make a deal with you. You can ask me any question and I will answer it truthfully. I will not lie to you. Ok?’ ‘Impossible!’ ‘Try me.’ ‘Ok.’ Kelly’s mind was racing for something to ask that he’d have to lie about. ‘Do you masturbate?’ ‘Yes.’ Bob saw Kelly’s disgusted look. ‘In my experience, there are two. I’ve been told that I’m a good looking guy, usually being rated 8/10 by both guys and girls. I stand at 6ft tall with a toned body, light brown slightly edging blonde hair, one blue eye and one green eye and I am Caucasian. I enjoy various sports but football (soccer) is my main focus and I regularly go to the gym. That’s a basic deion of myself. Now let’s get into the story. It all started when I was at secondary school, year 11. I went to a fairly small school with about 600 students all. I moved to the bus stage and asked her what happened? She replied that she was standing for the bus for more than an hour and no bus was coming. I told that there could have been some procession or road block some where in the town and that was why she was not able to get the bus. Then I asked whether I could drop her at her house in my motor cycle? She readily agreed. She took the pillion seat and put her hand on my right shoulder. It was almost six o clock and was slightly drizzling. As I had. This was post-coital bonding--Francine style, as I very clearly remembered.I simply watched as she dressed for bed and prepared to go to sleep, shaking my head at the realization that this was just as I had remembered married life with Francine. And it had actually been a pretty shitty experience--with an extra shot thrown in by my first Nasiib-stone-regression.I guess the only reason that I had stayed with Francine before was because of Chelsea and Gracie; along with my own fear of confronting.

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