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As for the 'why' that was easy. That day she had been dressed in a school uniform and I just loved the look. We met a few more times after that talkin... about me being a girl and me trying different items of clothing for him. Finally he asked me if I would like to dress fully for a day as a girl just like Sam Fox. He explained he had a friend who could arrange for me to be fully dressed at his place and he thought I might like it. To reassure me he also said no one would make me do anything I. To my shock and surprise my thirteen-year-old was looking at porn. There was a young girl on her knees with a massive cock shoved deep in her mouth. I actually became enraged after I specifically told her not to go to a website like this. I wanted to bend her over my knee like she was a little girl and spank her tiny little ass. “What the hell are you looking at young lady?”Raising her hand in fear that I was about to strike her she began to defend herself. “No, daddy, wait I can. Secondly, they were not all male, something highly unusual on any ship. In fact, when the pirate captain stepped forward, she was a woman. Inira, the youngest of the prisoners, gave a small sigh of relief – surely a female captain wouldn’t let anything too bad happen to them.Specifically, the captain was a surprisingly young woman. Her legs were bare, with only a pair of delicate silk panties protecting her womanhood. Her upper body was clad in a low-cut corset. A streak of blood marred her. Of course I knew that she really meant the exact opposite, as I pulled up the hem of her dress to expose her creamy backside. "No panties!" I roared, "now in addition to the hand you're going to get the belt!" "No I didn't do anything no, no, no," she whined again. "Yes, yes, yes, and we'll start by counting 20 from my hand," I said as I landed the first stinging swat on her bottom . "Oww 1," she squealed, "owww 2, stop it hurts!" "That is.

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