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’Sue, Amanda’s PA, was the only person on the team who had shown him any kindness. Everyone else was too busy chasing their own bonuses to take an... interest in the new boy.Jason knocked quietly on Amanda’s door and entered. Amanda did not look up from her monitor screen. After a few moments of silence Jason gave a discreet cough to announce his presence. Still no response. After an age Amanda broke the silence. ‘Jason, your trading figures are shit. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire. I think I was a big fucker. Today I made up my wife while it bounces woe. I like the extreme. I have done but I have not done it so much I lick the pot is big brother-in-law-in-law, I was told that I do. It helped me a bit. I like very much. I turned to ask my wife.I see I nodded. I took my brother-in-law brother-in-law lying, I’m not very good white milk is very small. I took my screen and hit a rocket into the shell of his brother-in-law, I gently press down until the hilt. Quite fit yet.. Though she had given birth three times she has maintained her girlish figure. Her body was nicely toned from jogging. She’d often catch me staring at her as she dressed or undressed. Then she’d blush and giggle and ask me why I was looking at her. My response, though pretty standard, always pleased her. ‘Because I can’t help but look at a beautiful woman.’ How we met is immaterial. It was she who first approached me. I was pleasantly surprised being eighteen years her senior and of course very. Flower had some munchies and we all stuffed our faces with the chips and pop. Before I knew it, we were in loads of traffic and I did wonder where Jay was going to park the car. There were thousands of people driving on the roads. Several times we were just in a dead stop. Everybody was on their way to Woodstock. There were lots of cars that were overheating and all sorts of other chaos on the highway.People were getting out of their cars and dancing in the streets. Most women had their tops.

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