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I am not the star of the show by any means, I sometimes sink into the background and just watch but on occasion, I have joined in with couples and tha...’s definitely one of my favorite things to do. Seeing the enjoyment the couple gets from having me join in with them and pleasing them turns me on so much.My swingers club is fairly basic, there are different rooms for play and it’s in a good part of town however there was a room I never knew existed until two men I was flirting with told me. ...It was tuesday the following week before we saw each other again at work, but we had been texting over the weekend, turns out she has been seeing someone for the last six years but really wanted to fuck me! Well i told her i'm great at keeping secrets we both stayed late at work that night and when everyone had gone she asked if i wanted anything from the vending machine upstairs - i said sure wait and i'll come up with ya. We never made it to the vending machine - on the staircase i grabbed. He dropped me at my house and told me if I want him to come tomorrow then I have to call him today before 3 pm and he should be allowed all freedom. He was very blunt in saying so. I reached home. I never thought I should call him to feel my body though I was also enjoying the same I thought he will come. But he made it very clear that I should tell him to come. I thought anyway I have time till 3pm. But one thing was sure I was getting hot by 3 pm I left my children for the tuition and took. She was naked, as she always is at home, and she was wanking too. Three fingers inside her creamy cunt.She moaned and grunted to an orgasm, and then pulled her fingers out. They were covered in a thick layer of cream and she grinned at me as she licked them clean. Then she turned and walked out of the kitchen as I stared at her lovely ass.I'm sure I heard her mumble under her breath 'God, he tastes lovely' as she turned the corner.She'd also let her pubes grow the last month, even though I'd.

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