" Eighteen thousand two hundred and fifty," Tami corrected. "I don't want to miss a day." Well, if you want to get technical, eighteen thousand two hu...dred and sixty-three." Sixty-three?" Leap years."Tami laughed. "Okay, Mr. Math Whiz, but I want a hell of a lot more than fifty years." That's just the start, babe. Just the start."By ten o'clock we were on the road heading south. Mikee drove as we tooled down California-1. She was getting a lot more confident behind the wheel. I wondered if Mom. As I continued to suck Brian, Todd moved around behind me. I felt him touch my panties and tell Brian how wet I was. Todd slid my shorts down and started to rub my pussy. It wasn’t long after that when I started to cum hard. I was sure Brian was going to cum soon too, but he didn’t quite yet. Then Todd stopped rubbing my pussy, and then I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy lips. I tried to pull up from Brian’s cock to tell him to stop, but Brian kept pulling me back down on his cock.. Dean quickly smoothed his black hair, suddenly upset that he hadn't gotten a haircut recently, before shaking Marina's hand and introducing himself. He felt himself blush when Marina smiled at him, but hoped she didn't notice, since she quickly moved on to greeting Finn, Lucy, and Lily."I'm so happy to finally meet all of you," Marina said. "Your parents have told me a lot about you. I'm really looking forward to the vacation, too."Lucy and Lily both gave Marina a nod and smile - about as. I felt him lift me up by my ass, holding me even closer. I was lost in the passion of kissing him that I didn’t hear mother walk into the room. I heard a light cough, and my betrothed and I seemed to jump apart, this made mother laugh.“Don’t mind me, it’s good to see you getting along so well. I was going to suggest you two go for a walk so you can get to know each other better, but I see there is no point in that.”We laughed and decided to go for a walk anyway. Without any company with us, we.

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