By 8.30 pm we were back at the beach. The sun had set & it was dark. We could hear the waves hit the shore as we walked in the coolness of the evening... Shweta was very happy with the way the day had worked out.Our hands were touching each other as we walked. I was getting more & more attracted towards her. I did try to shrug off these thoughts & kept telling myself that she was my relative, but in vain. Suddenly Shweta caught my hand in her palm & moved her fingers between mine. I felt the. Look 71, could I have a drink or something?" X asked."Sure, my turn to apologise. Where are my manners, would you like one too?"Y nodded back.71 stood, and turned to face the blank wall. He motioned a waving arm over a spot that was just a lighter shade of grey than the rest. The dispenser emerged from the wall."OK guy's and girl's what's your poison?" It'll be a A9 for me and a D3 for Y, please" Good choice, very healthy. A B6 for me. I'm trying to cut down. Lose a bit of bulk, but it's damn. I've still got to get another two-fifty. It was getting late and the streets were pretty deserted. It was an hour before her next customer, a straight fuck in the back seat of his car for seventy-five dollars and it was the hardest money she had ever earned. He was fat, had bad breath and a severe case of body odor, and he slobbered, actually slobbered over her. As he drove away she wondered if she would ever be able to forget his stink. Almost immediately two college kids pulled up next to her. Each time she moans he whispers in her ear how he longs to have his cock or his tongue replace his finger. He continues to stroke each side of her wet pussy, again he removes both fingers. He grins into her neck as he gently nibbles it with his teeth. He waits for her breathing to settle before he opens her folds and enters her wet cunt with three fingers. He lets his free hand press against her hip holding her down as her body tries to raise itself up, a natural reaction to his driving.

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